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Monday, August 13, 2007

My LOA Journey, Part 1

There are heaps of books and films showing how and why the Law of Attraction works and teaching how to use it. Here is a list of my personal influences on this path, and following that I’ll expand a bit on each of these influences.

1. Prayer
2. Meditation
3. Group Prayer
4. Healing, Visualizing, Music Therapy
5. Positive Thinking
6. Abundance Consciousness
7. Quantum Physics, What the Bleep Do We Know?
8. The Hidden Messages in Water
9. The Secret
10. Loving What Is by Byron Katie
11. Ask and it Is Given by Esther and Jerry Hicks
12. Group Manifesting - The Miracle Masterminding Circle

PRAYER: I realized early on that I got what I prayed for, especially if it was a feeling that I wanted. If I wanted to feel better about something or someone and prayed for that, it usually happened right away or within a few days. Prayers for material things were also sometimes granted and they sometimes took a bit longer.

Scientific studies have now proven that prayers for healing are often quite effective.

MEDITATION: The Urantia Book is a book that my parents brought me up with. It says that it is in and through the religions of the world that we come to an understanding of others. It also says that after we pray we should remain for a time in silent receptivity to allow God within us to speak to our listening soul. When I came across meditation for the first time, I thought, that is the same thing! Prayer is us talking to God, and Meditation is allowing God to talk to us (silently). Although not directly related to LOA, meditation clears the mind and makes me feel so good and peaceful and focused that I can go from this state to one of creativity and be more able to manifest. I think that if we try to do it all ourselves, this manifesting stuff, it can get overwhelming and tough. We have to remember that we aren’t really doing it, God is. We have to give ourselves the space and time regularly to connect with God/Spirit/The Universe in whatever way works for us personally to recharge our batteries and then go forth and manifest great things!

GROUP PRAYER: My Mom and I came across Terry Cole Whittaker’s TV show while I was in High School in the Valley (San Fernando that is), and loved her message of “you can have - and you really should have - anything you want!” It was the first time we’d heard abundance consciousness in this spiritual format. She also talked about the power of setting intentions and visualizations as a group, and asked all her viewers to pray for peace on a certain day/time, which we did, and felt part of something really powerful. It seems to be the pattern that when people start exploring Manifesting to achieve their own goals they always end up doing something that also happens to be great for the world!

HEALING, VISUALIZING, MUSIC THERAPY: I read several books on visualizing during my 20’s, including Shakti Gawain, Shirley MacLaine, Silva Mind Control Method, and worked with these somewhat. But just a few years ago in my late 30’s I started doing Kundalini Yoga which besides being wonderful exercise also incorporates breathing, visualizing and music. Combining visualizing with the breath was really powerful for me, and then adding music to that was again a whole new level of making the visualizations more real. Kundalini Yoga teaches you how to visualize!

Through working in the healing arena, through our raw food writings and retreats, I’ve learned through personal experiences a lot about how visualizing affects health, how our emotional energy affects our health, how our relationships and our work and our thoughts all affect out health. Health is wholeness. So when something affects your health, it affects your wholeness, your whole life! Health, Spirit, Mind, Energy, Emotions, Body, Diet, Earth, Others, Work, Play, Love, Life – its all one! The whole universe is interconnected and each cell reflects the whole Universe and the whole Universe is reflected in each cell – or atom perhaps.

POSITIVE THINKING: In my late teens I skimmed through Napoleon Hill’s book “Think and Grow Rich”. An acne doctor also turned me on to a lot of other books about positive thinking and self esteem. It doesn’t seem like it should be so hard, but it is a lifelong journey to learn to, as one centenarian put it, - don’t give that Devil no foothold. In other words if we let negative thinking in it can get a toehold, then a foothold, then can just take over our mind and wreak havoc on our life and our health. Whereas if we hold a positive thought in our mind for a while we start getting really happy and creative and excited! Negative thinking is destructive. Positive thinking is creative.

Of course, sometimes we have to consider our problems and how to solve them. That isn’t negative thinking, although it can be hard work. But if we keep having the same negative thoughts over and over again without being constructive about coming up with a solution, then we can get stuck in “stinking thinking”, “monkey mind”, bad self-esteem, worry, anger, etc....

There are 22 exercises in the book “Ask and it is Given” by Esther and Jerry Hicks that are manifesting exercises. Many of them could also be called positive thinking exercises as they teach us all manner of ways to choose and focus on positive thoughts!

Byron Katie’s book “Loving What is” helped me with getting totally rid of useless draining negative thinking!

ABUNDANCE CONSCIOUSNES: I forget the name of the book, but the main concept in it was to write down what you want to have materially (house, job, relationship, etc...). Then imagine how you will feel when you have that stuff. Now you just had the end goal right there, when you were imagining the feeling! You can have that feeling right now!!! So, you already have what you want!

I’ll finish this article in my next post – off to my T’ae Kwon Do class!

What is The Law of Attraction?

I’m sure we all have different answers to this question. The basic answer is that what you focus on you attract into your life. Simple example, when you are driving and you look at a car in the lane next to you, you start to move towards that car. They teach you this in drivers’ education.

Next question, how do I use the LOA to manifest my dreams? Well, positive thinking is essential. Think big and follow your dreams. The more from the heart it is, the easier it will be to manifest. Be very specific with what you want. Write it down. Focus on it daily. Have faith that it will be. Then let go and let God. You can enhance the effectiveness of The Law of Attraction in your life through applying group energy to your dreams and supporting the dreams of others. That’s all you need to know to begin!

To re-cap in point form....

How to use the LOA to manifest your dreams!

think positive
think big
follow your heart
be specific
write it down
focus on it daily
have faith that it will be
let go and let God
join an LOA manifesting group or dream with a friend/partner/spouse

Thursday, August 9, 2007

Coconut Coconut Cream Pleasure

OK, want some pleasure with your pleasure? Try coconut on coconut!

Open a young coconut and drink or set aside the water in it.

Scoop out the meat. Ideally it should be meat that isn't total jelly and not totally hard either, but the sort-of noodley consistency in between. But that's just a matter of finding coconuts at a nice ripe but not too ripe phase. Basically its the luck of the draw. Anyway, any young coconut meat will do otherwise.

Cut up the meat into small bite sizes and season with salt, paprika, and/or any other seasonings you prefer. Some fresh herbs like cilantro or dill could be nice sprinkled on top too.

Now you make a cream from the meat of another young coconut. Storm just invented this cream! He just blended up the coconut meat with a handful of macadamia nuts and a clove of garlic with a titch of the coconut water and it turned out like cream!

So put a few tablespoons of that on it, stir it in, and sit in the sun and totally indulge!!! - And feel sorry for anyone who thinks cooked processed food actually tastes good and has never tasted the Ambrosial Food of Heaven on Earth!!

All raw vegan goodness!


Monday, August 6, 2007

LOA and my Religious Views

I believe the Law of Attraction is a law of physics, rather than spiritual mumbo-jumbo. Just like a magnet attracts metal, our thoughts attract other thoughts. Negative thoughts tend to attract more negative thoughts and positive thoughts tend to attract more positive thoughts. For instance if you are in a fight with your mate, even though it is about one particular issue, suddenly you are swamped with negative thoughts about that person, all the negative things that happened in the past, and then you even start thinking negative thoughts about your life in general. And you can end up depressed. On the other hand when you think a positive thought then more and more positive thoughts can swarm in until you are almost overwhelmed with all the great energy! - I think that's what we call excitement.

But we can train ourselves to respond to a negative thought with a positive one.

Thoughts usually lead to actions. Negative thoughts can often lead to destructive actions. And positive thoughts usually lead to creative actions. This is especially true when the thoughts are repeated often enough, when they become a focus. We are all using the Law of Attraction all the time unconsciously.

I think it is one of the ways that God answers prayers. I think it is a law that He made in order to help us get what we want, to help our free will to be effective, and to allow us to co-create our world with Him.

I believe there are many other natural laws, cosmic laws, laws of physics, and spiritual laws too.

My own religious beliefs are that all religions contain truth but most if not all of the texts were edited by the rulers of the day for political reasons. I believe in accepting all religions. I believe that religious tolerance is one of the most important things we can cultivate for world peace. More than tolerance, I think we need to understand the religions of the world and see where they all are saying the same thing in essence; that all people in the world are loved by God, and that we should be happy and pass that love on to each-other.

I grew up with a book called The Urantia Book which is where I got a lot of my religious philosophy from.

I believe that there has to be a balance between creating and allowing. On the one hand we have to plot our course in life, to use our free will, to do what we love. On the other hand we have to allow God to adjust our course, to pray for God's will to be done in our lives, and to let our needs be spread out before us. If we think we are doing it all, we can become pretty miserable, because we just don't know enough. We don't have enough of the big picture. On the flipside if we are just waiting for God to do everything, waiting for marching orders, we could be waiting forever because I think what He wants is for us to use the free will He gave us. If we were created in His image, we must be little Creators. So it is a dance. A balance. An art. A give and take. A wonderful and exciting journey!

Sunday, July 29, 2007

Raw Reality Bytes the LOA

The Law of Attraction (LOA) is an ancient secret of manifesting that is now entering public knowledge in a big way through films like "What The Bleep Do We Know?" and "The Secret". Books like "Ask And it is Given" by Esther and Jerry Hicks and Byron Katie's works including "Loving What Is" are also teaching us how to co-create our own lives with more control than ever. LOA basically explains the practical application of Quantum Physics (QP), the law that says that what we focus on we bring about.

Iron filings gravitating to magnetic poles on a bar magnet. Does this illustrate the Law of Attraction? Is like attracted to like? Is positive attracted to positive?

It isn't really as mystical as it sounds. We think something and then we do it. That's just how we humans work. But if you really look closely at that phenomenon then we see that this little thinking thing that we do doesn't just have effects moment to moment in our lives but is played out in the big picture of our lives and in the world in a significant way. And that by learning to think positively and with great focus, we can change our lives and the planet!

A few people have approached me to ask why I bother to eat a raw vegan diet if our thoughts control our reality. I think this is a really interesting question!

So, here's a little Q and A along these lines, - I'd love to see an exploration like this in WIE - What is Enlightenment Magazine.....

Q: "Well, it seems that cheese is healthy for me. I started doing much better once I incorporated some cheese into my raw food diet."

A: "Well, that is because some truly powerful people - or just a whole bunch of regular people - are holding that belief - and so it becomes a reality - to an extent. But then you have truth - ultimate reality; - in some situations - like diet, - God actually did make healing foods and when you alter those or kill for food or kill your food with heat, you are compromising this plan for health He has for us.

Now, if enough people believe that a bad food is healthy, certain people will be influenced by that belief. And like a placebo, the meat or cheese or supplements will appear to work for a while. Sometimes this can be used in a positive way, for healing, I'm sure.

But if you look at the big picture, meat and dairy and cooked and processed and chemical foods are not working for our population as a whole.

Q: And you are saying that a plant-based diet would?

A: Undoubtedly

Q: But if quantum physics works then why not just believe that whatever we eat is healthy for us?

A: Again that works to an extent. Maybe you can actually make the food a little healthier. Certainly, you can take your stress off and be healthier for not worrying about eating it. But if you put that same positive energy into a really healthy food - a fruit for instance - the results would be 100 times greater. Because now you're merging quantum physics with absolute truth.

See there are some things that quantum physics works on better than others. You can alter the energy of a thing but you can't change a thing into another thing. By appreciating something it appreciates in value. And water seems to be a powerful conductor for humans, so things with a high water content - like humans and foods - are more easily influenced by our thoughts than denser matter. But fruits and veggies have a much higher water content than meat, cheese, and cooked or dried foods.

This is why we see some success with Quantum Physics with food but why we'll have so much more with fresh foods.

We can see from the illustration above that as a species, we humans are not really ready to handle the responsibility of Quantum Physics power. The first thing we want to do is use it to make excuses to stay addicted and stuck, to turn bad things good. But we're not that powerful. We're taking it all out of context. The context to responsibly use QP powers is to use it to do our best.. to change ourselves for the better rather than to try to bend the Universe to our baser desires.

But we totally don't have to worry about that - the higher powers have all kinds of natural laws in place to prevent the misuse of power. They're wonderfully well-organized and as long as you realize how awesome they are - you know there's nothing to fear!

Basically I'm postulating that there are certain laws in place that we humans at this point in our evolution anyway can't change. For instance we can't make a diet of McDonald's hamburgers truly healthy in the long term. We can't change the cosmic laws or laws of physics, except the ones designed to be changed by us in some small way. In other words we are set up to be co-creators but we have to work with the real creative forces in the Universe. We have to work with God. We get to work with God.

For instance, we can compose music, create new songs, - but we are using the tonal building blocks or notes that physics has given us. We can paint a completely original painting using the colors that the physical universe has provided us with. We can design a beautiful life for ourselves using the laws of nature within space and time.

The Universe wants you to use to your free will to create. You are a creator because The Creator made you in His image! But you are a creator on a smaller scale than The Creator, so far! :)

The world, your life, is your stage, your painting, your music, your film!

Create responsibly!

And have fun!!!


Jinjee's Blog Introduction


I'm Jinjee. Thank you for visiting my new blog where I will publish thoughts on all kinds of things!

A bit about me - I recently turned 40, and have five children. Raven, my oldest is 13, and Yarrow, my youngest was born two months ago! Jome is 10, Shale is 6, and Adagio is 3. We had home births with all the children and we home-school and work from home too! I guess we are home bodies for real!

You can meet me and my family at my family biz website at The Garden Diet. This site is like my Garden, and I putter around there quite often. The one thing I do every day is send out a newsletter called "The Daily Raw Inspiration" to 14,000 people who are interested in the raw vegan diet.

My family and I also operate several other websites including a nonprofit organization doing a campaign called "Take A Fruit Break" to raise funds for airing clever and exciting fruit commercials on national TV, Pear Magazine, the online magazine of fresh organic lifestyles, and The Natural Paradigms Channel where we put up films that we produce about raw foods, the environment, and other interesting things.

Inside and aside from my work I am a writer, musician, homeschooling mother, and a dreamer with interests in raw food, hiking in nature, quantum physics, manifesting, creating peace, health and healing, philanthropy, innovating, creativity, and living a happy life!

My dreams are to make a truly inspiring film, to make music that uplifts the vibration of the planet, to be a billionaire philanthropist, to become an ever more loving person, to live to be 140 years old and gorgeous, and to raise my children to be happy and good!

I hope you'll enjoy my blog, share any of my ideas/writings freely (with credit and a link back ideally!), start up some lively conversations in the comments section, and come back and visit often!

I'm looking forward to trading links with other like minded, interesting and inspiring bloggers!

Be Well!